Here are a number of this trending social media platforms, amid statistics that may tell you whether or not or not your audience is inclined to use them.


Where Snapchat differs from Instagram is that it’s a lot more durable to follow a complete or influencer simply by discovering them on the platform. Therewith aforesaid, you’ll be able to actually pay Snapchat to indicate your product to users whereas they’re exploring through the Snapchats of the folks they follow (skippable ads) or observation shows (these ads can’t be skipped through).

Saturday Night Live, folks Magazine, and National Geographic have custom-made their content for Snapchat. Whereas Snapchat keeps the name of being in style amongst sole teenagers, the statistics are telling the US another story. Young adults are actually mistreatment the app, however, therefore, are folks in their late 20s and 40s.


In 2017, was noninheritable by the corporate that owns tiktok (Bytedance). They combined and also the current version (named Douyin) into a social media love child—tiktok. Tiktok is obtainable in 154 countries and still goes by its original name, Douyin, in China.


In 2018 Facebook launched Lasso, which is pretty just like tiktok. With Lasso’s recent launch, we have a tendency to don’t have several demographic statistics to administer to you, aside from that they need seventy,000 USA users.


Reddit may be referred to as the grandfather/grandmother of the social media era. Supported in 2005, Reddit has remained among the highest ten most-used social platforms despite Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter’s takeover. The platform is split by topics referred to as Subreddits, wherever users will post, upvote, and comment.


Alongside Reddit, Tumblr has additionally been around for a short time. Supported in 2007, the ikon platform arguably set the precedence for Instagram. The conception is similar—post photos and short videos (Gifs are very in style on this platform), and find followers.

Tumblr has actually seen a decline in traffic since Instagram dominated the house, however, there’s positively still an associate audience that has remained loyal to Tumblr.

Final Take

Statistics just like them on top of are nice for working out the potential of those platforms, however asking your prospective customers/current customers wherever they’re payment their time is even higher. That’s once you will build a commentary calendar round the content they need to ascertain and wherever they need to ascertain it.